About Ophthalmology

With 15+ years of relevant experience, Aksia has been driving the Ophthalmology business forward in the MENA region by partnering with A-class companies that produce the best solutions in the Ophthalmology field.
Our Ophthalmology products are:

Nu Vision supplies Omingen, which is a dry and stable human amniotic membrane-derived material. Amniotic membrane can be used to aid the natural healing process in ophthalmic conditions and soft tissue-damage situations

Nu Vision also manufactures OmniLenz which is a bandage contact lens (BCL) that allows suture-free transplantation (onlay-barrier application) of Omnigen to the ocular surface in an ambulatory and outpatient setting.

Nu Vision

An expert team of scientific, clinical, and industry professionals dedicated to building innovative ocular biotherapies.

Protectalon provides a smooth and confident surgery in a single kit due to its supreme harmony of Cohesive and Dispersive OVDs

Acriva Trinova is the world’s first and only Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL

Reviscon 20m
VSY Biotechnology

A biotechnology company with core competencies in the fields of Ophthalmology and Orthopedics