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Inspiration, innovation, and opportunities.

Aksia Health Care FZC is a regional health care company based in the UAE.

The company has been actively operating in the MENA region and GCC as our flagship region since 2016, and since then it has been specialized in marketing, sales, and the distribution of rare diseases and plasma derived products, orthopaedical surgical solutions, medical devices, diagnostic products, ophthalmology surgical solutions and different specialty therapeutics.

To be on the top of the healthcare market at MENA region in launching an INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE health care solutions that serve our patients and improve their quality of life
Providing superior professional quality concerning all of our services through employing and retaining a well trained and experienced team to be able to build a long term key sustainanble competitive advantage in the healthcare market in the MENA region

Each business has to have a competitive edge, and it’s my pleasure to say that our edge in the market is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals who, through their hard work, passion, dedication, and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward. This team, who believe in our culture of building solid relationships over the years with world renowned companies in a wide variety of sectors. This has been possible because of our relentless commitment to work closely in understanding not only the key strategic goals and single business models of our clients but also that subtle match between the talent that we look to attract and our clients’ unique organizational DNA. All of these factors made us on the map of the healthcare market, closer to achieve our ultimate goal of being an effective partner for our clients to reach patients’ welfare.

Ahmed Sallam

Managing Director

MD Ahmed Sallam
Therapeutic Areas
International Partners

AKSIA Core Competencies

Experienced, Talented & Efficient People

Market Access Excellence

Well Understanding of Business Acumenn

Process Management under Compliance Rules

Launching innovative products in the market

Business Model

AKSIA Healthcare FZC is specialized in medical, market access, sales and marketing operations and management across MENA region.

We manage all the services provided to our clients across the countries of the region through a strong network of local agents whose responsibilities are the logistics and legal representation of AKSIA in each country.

AKSIA Health Care Role

Business planning and execution through allocated AKSIA team.

Medical, PV, market access, sales, marketing & promotional activities.

Handle the supply and the financial transactions with AKSIA’s suppliers.

Technical training and close follow up with all market stakeholders.

Local implementation of the strategies that’s set by our global partners.

Focal point of contact on all logistics and regulatory matters.

Business planning and execution through allocated AKSIA team.

Local Agents Role

Legal representation of AKSIA HEALTH CARE in the country /territory.

Regulatory and logistic support.

Manufacturer/ Supplier Role

Scientific medical knowledge support.

Technical training.

Preparing the regulatory files for products registration as per each country rule.

Manufacture and supply the goods.

Agree and follow up the strategy business plan implementation with AKSIA.