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Evolving continuously, leveraging innovation and collaboration to bring impactful changes in the healthcare landscape
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AKSIA seamlessly integrates global innovations and healthcare solutions with the MENA region.

As the preferred commercial partner of multinational and biopharmaceutical companies, it establishes new standards in integrity and market access excellence. Committed to fostering healthcare partnerships, delivering end-to-end regional solutions, and enhancing patient outcomes,

AKSIA emerges as the premier choice for cutting-edge healthcare solutions in the Middle East.
Strategically encompassing over 15 therapeutic areas, it boasts a successful track record of establishing more than 20 global partnerships. Specializing in rare diseases, plasma-derived products, orthopedic surgical solutions, medical devices/diagnostic products, ophthalmology surgical solutions, and specialty therapeutics.
AKSIA leads the way in transforming healthcare in the GCC and MENA regions.

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Services & Proficiencies

At Aksia Health Care, our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare in the MENA and GCC regions is reflected in our comprehensive suite of services and proficiencies. We stand as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare industry, driven by a passion for innovation and a dedication to community well-being.

Distribution & Logistics​

  • We manage the storage and logistics of pharmaceutical products, ensuring their safe…..

Commercial Expansion Support​​

  • Aksia Healthcare stands as a dynamic force in facilitating commercial expansion.

End-to-End Solutions​​

  • AKSIA starts with careful product selection, crafting a diverse healthcare portfolio.

GCC Market expertise and Regional Networking​

  • Aksia specializes in strategic product

Aksia specializes in

5 main business lines

Medical devices

Medical Devices& Diagnostics

Aksia works with innovative partners of all sizes in the medical device and diagnostics field to improve healthcare delivery and save lives….Read More

consumer lines

Consumer Line

Aksia is leading the revolution of consumer medicines with the aid of global leaders that deliver innovative and high-quality products to ….Read More



With 15+ years of relevant experience, Aksia has been driving the Ophthalmology business forward in the….Read More

Orthopedics & Regenerative

Our Orthopedics and Regenerative Therapies business line supports patients with its innovative treatment opportunities, through trend-setting product concepts….Read More

Rare Diseases & Biological

While referred to as “rare” due to the smaller size of individual patient populations, rare diseases are collectively common and their burden….Read More

Our Global Partners

We Exist as Partners in This Endeavor,

AKSIA is enthusiastic about partnering with the largest and most reputable medical companies globally and in the MENA region. Ultimately, AKSIA offers firms medical equipment, solutions, treatments, pharmaceuticals, and logistics to empower its professionals to serve their patients to the highest standards, while promoting a healthier life.




Therapeutic Areas


International Partners

Inspiration, innovation, and opportunities.

AKSIA is managed by senior pharma executives with great regional experience having held senior management roles in multinational health care organizations for many years. AKSIA is a regional health care distributor that brings the innovative products and solutions to the MENA region. AKSIA is the preferred & trusted regional commercial partner in the GCC/MENA region to the global healthcare companies that provide innovations in rare diseases and plasma derived therapies, orthopedic surgical solutions, ophthalmology, medical devices & diagnostics and unique consumer products.