Medical Devices & Diagnostics

About Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Aksia works with innovative partners of all sizes in the medical device and diagnostics field to improve healthcare delivery and save lives. By acquiring products that provide improved testing with faster and more accurate results, we develop new methods to detect evolving needs.
Our Medical Devices and Diagnostic Products are:
Medical devices

By creating The SAFIRA system, Medovate has enabled trained clinicians to administer local anaesthetic below a specified pressure threshold to a target nerve bundle for regional anaesthesia

A speciality medical device manufacturer that works collaboratively with medical professionals to manufacture and bring new valuable medical technologies to the market and facilitate patient care in the anaesthesia world.

AKSIA works in collaboration with MAP company in the region to promote True Test, which is a convenient, ready-to-use patch test for the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis.

Smart practice
Smart Practice has been providing patch solutions since 1981.

The geko™ device, powered by OnPulse™ neuromuscular electrostimulation technology, is clinically proven to increase blood flow1 to help prevent and treat a range of acute medical conditions.


Geko Company is a medical device company that specializes in developing and manufacturing neuromuscular electro-stimulation devices since 2013.It is committed to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs through innovative medical technology.