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Business Lines

Aksia specializes in 5 main business lines

Medical Devices and Diagnostics


Rare Diseases and Biological Products

Orthopedics and Regenerative Therapies

Consumer Line

Medical Devices& Diagnostics

Aksia works with innovative partners of all sizes in the medical device and diagnostics field to improve healthcare delivery and save lives. By acquiring products that provide improved testing with faster and more accurate results, we develop new methods to detect evolving needs.


With 15+ years of relevant experience, Aksia has been driving the Ophthalmology business forward in the MENA region by partnering with A-class companies that produce the best solutions in the Ophthalmology field.

Rare Diseases & Biological Products

While referred to as “rare” due to the smaller size of individual patient populations, rare diseases are collectively common and their burden on society is staggering.

Aksia aspires to address the unmet medical needs of patients with rare medical conditions. Our partners are some of the world’s leading medical researchers, products manufacturers and providers, and together we are fulfilling our mission. health care organizations for many years.

Orthopedics & Regenerative Therapies

Our Orthopedics and Regenerative Therapies business line supports patients with its innovative treatment opportunities, through trend-setting product concepts that has revolutionized the field of Orthosis introduced by world-class biotechnology companies

Consumer Line

Aksia is leading the revolution of consumer medicines with the aid of global leaders that deliver innovative and high-quality products to the medical aesthetics market worldwide.

Therapeutic Areas
International Partners