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Rare Diseases & Biological Products

About Rare Diseases & Biological Products

While referred to as “rare” due to the smaller size of individual patient populations, rare diseases are collectively common and their burden on society is staggering.

Aksia aspires to address the unmet medical needs of patients with rare medical conditions.

Our partners are some of the world’s leading medical researchers, products manufacturers and providers, and together we are fulfilling our mission.

Neo Kare

NeoKare manufactures quality human milk products, offering safe and screened breast milk products for when a mother’s own milk is not available. Based in Worcestershire, UK, with an extensive background in human milk technology, NeoKare has established the first and only pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility for testing and processing human milk in Europe.

NeoKare MMF

NeoKare MMF, the world’s 1st milk-derived powdered fortifier that’s developed for premature babies to ensure improved growth and tolerability.

NeoKare PHMB Powder

NeoKare PHMB Powder, a standardised and pasteurised human breast milk powder that includes all the nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of the baby during early childhood, supporting both physical, and neuro-cognitive development.

NeoKare PHMB Frozen

NeoKare PHMB Frozen, a safe and pasteurised human milk which provides the essential calories, fat, and protein sourced from 100% human milk.


Biopharma is a 125-year-old Ukrainian biotech company specialized in the production of medicines from donated human blood plasma.

Bioven (Human Normal Immunoglobulin)

Bioven is a replacement therapy for the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by bacterial and viral infections as an immunomodulatory therapy for autoimmune diseases.

Human Albumin

Human Albumin is used for restoration and maintenance of the circulating blood volume when hypovolemia has been detected and use of a colloid is appropriate


Rhesoglobin is used take preventive measures during the prenatal & postnatal period in Rh-negative women who are not sensitized to the Rh0 (D) antigen


The Medica Group has been operating in Mirandola’s biomedical district (in Italy) since 1985،Specialized in Innovation and the development of new products for blood purification